Guide to hosting a screening

This guide is to help walk you through putting on a successful screening of REACTOR.

Step 1

– Decide on your date and time and fill out the SCREENING SUBMISSION to confirm your screening. This includes your location, proposed date, venue, capacity and any other details you feel would be useful for us to know.

Once your screening is confirmed we can post on our website at our Upcoming Screenings.

Step 2

– Confirm your venue. You could contact your local community centre, local theatre, school, screen in your home etc.

Step 3

– Invite your guests. You can do this via Email, Facebook, etc.

Step 4

– Prepare your materials. You will need a DVD player or a computer, and/or a digital projector and screen to watch the movie.

GET PRESS!  Contact your local press – newspaper, blogs, magazines, tv or radio, and send them information on your event and the film.  Director Ian MacKenzie and Michael Stone are always available for interviews.

MAKE A POSTER!  Make a poster, and web images to share on facebook.  Poster images and press photos available here: » Download the high-res poster and media stills

Step 5

– Create event agenda

Here’s a basic timeline for your event.

  • Welcome and introductions (15 min)
  • Watch the Film (34 min)
  • Host a discussion (30 min)

Step 6

– Setup Your Event (Day of)

Organize some volunteers. Don’t do it alone. Get a team together, make it fun and make sure to acknowledge their contribution!
Get the film ready to screen. If you are doing it yourself, it helps to test ahead of time to get the sound levels right and make sure everything is all running smoothly.

Step 7

– Follow up

Please email us and let us know how it went. To send in your the screening fee (if applicable) please confirm details with us at
Also please feel free to email us at with any suggestions that will help make this “how to” page more helpful.

Thanks for spreading the love!
– The Reactor Team