We Promise to Fix It Back – Short Essay by Michael Stone

reactor2A FILMMAKER AND A WRITER head to Japan post-tsunami and partial Fukushima meltdown to see how the Japanese are responding to the crisis. Two perspectives, aligned yet different – that’s the beauty of two artists tackling the same questions through their own medium.

Michael Stone shares his thoughts in “We Promise to Fix It Back” a short essay now available as a PDF download. Please tweet, Facebook, email, and share widely.

An excerpt:

“We promise to fix it back. How can anyone repair what has happened there? Where do we even start? Is it with these small acts of kindness?

What does the dharma have to offer us in confronting our addiction to massive amounts of energy and a growth-based economy that has outgrown the limits of the biosphere?

Will this catastrophe in Japan change us and lead to a more innovative, caring and interconnected way of living? Will the outbreaks of altruism and civic enthusiasm propel us to take similar steps? Will we demand ingenious forms of accountability? I decide definitively not to cancel my ticket to Japan. I need to see what I can learn about a Bodhisattva path through the lessons that Fukushima offers.”

The short film REACTOR releases in August 2013. Here’s how you can get involved:

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