The Power Story by Hanamaru Fujii

Hanamaru Fujii is the illustrator behind The Power Story, a simple book published on Facebook after the tsunami. He was happy to be interviewed for REACTOR, to share his thoughts on how to be of service in a time of crisis – and to share with the world what is going on in Fukushima.

In his own words:

Hello, I’m Hanamaru Fujii. I’m an illustrator from Tokyo. One evening, I felt compelled and inspired to take my recent thoughts and put it onto paper. Half an hour later, I had something- a story with illustrations. I put it on Facebook, thinking it would at least see the light of day.

I’ve been humbled and surprised to have so much unexpected encouragement and thanks. It made me want to share this with more people.
Now that the story’s been translated into English, I hope this can give you a glimpse into the thoughts of one Japanese person.

It’s sloppy, and it’s just something that “happened on paper”, but I hope it will give you something to think about, as we try to move forward.

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