Online Auction

The following paintings were generously gifted by NIGHTGIRLINC aka Rachael Gurevitch at the Victoria premiere of REACTOR. We are offering them as an online auction, open to anyone, anywhere in the world (bid does not included shipping).

The funds raised will go toward Reactor, allowing us to bring the film to more audiences around the world. Thank you for your support!

Bidding ends on Friday, Nov 22 at MIDNIGHT.

How to place a bid:

Step 1. Review the paintings below. Note: #3 was completed live during the Reactor screening.

Step 2. Email with your requested painting #, your name, city, and bid.

Step 3. Bidding closes midnight on Nov 22. Ian will contact you sooner after if you’re the winner!


#1 – $70
#2 – $50
#3 – $125


Night Girl Inc / Photo: Mya Hardman

Night Girl Inc / Photo: Mya Hardman